We give away some things for free because we want our crew to own their work with us. We give it away so others can learn from it, as we have all learned from the open sorcerers before us. And because the only thing cooler than us using our technologies, are thousands of people using it around the globe.


A WIDGETS BASED SUCCESSOR TO CACHEUI With the introduction of caching widgets in recent versions of TouchDesigner, our previous GUI library, CacheUI V2.0 became somewhat obsolete, so we’ve been hard at work in bringing our powerful mapping library to TouchDesigner’s...

CacheUI v2.0

A FAST & SIMPLE GUI LIBRARY WITH MAPPABILITY FUNCTIONS CacheUI v2.0 is the fastest way to create mappable interfaces in Derivative TouchDesigner. Various UI elements, such as sliders, buttons, and knobs are included in the file below, and can be mapped to many...


AN INTUITIVE INTERFACE FOR ADDING COLOR HARMONY TO YOUR VISUALS. COLORS v1.0 is a simple, powerful, and real-time tool to change the color palette of incoming content. You can select a color palette from the included sample list, create your own with a precise...