The Imaginex team worked to bring a high quality visual experience for the 3 day festival.

Live jockeyed visuals were mapped with pixel perfect accuracy to the LED panels on a stage that saw multiple arrangements over the weekend to accommodate both DJs and bands. Personalized content for each artist was also accommodated by our team.

Custom Animation

In addition to LED pixel mapping and live VJing for the festival, Big Dub 2016 saw the use of in-house made animations for the shows. Custom animations, effects, and animated logo reveals for individual artists were made special for the festival and saw use throughout the weekend.


Production: BADASS Raves

Direction: Chad Bozzarelli

Production Director: Bobby Fingles

Media Server Tech: Alan Curtiss

Animation: James Johnson

VJs: Alan Curtis, James Johnson, Scott Lanoue

Photos courtesy of Big Dub Festival & Badass Raves