We provided video design, management, and media servers for the Mothership and Booba Cosmica Stage.

 The Mothership – Taking the Main Stage

The Mothership was the largest concert stage at Further Future, home to performances from high profile musicians and world-renowned visual and lighting artists.

The Mothership was host to such acts as HVOB, Leftfield, and Daedelus. We assisted the design of the stage, presented artists with a video production package, and operated the media server to allow guest artists to take control of the stage at ease. We even catered to complex rider requests, like providing a live capture for Easy-Star All Stars to play a DVD with their visual mix. Guest visual artists included Ryan Uzilevsky, Keisuke Shingu, Jarrett Smith, and Alan Curtiss of Imaginex.

Booba Cosmica – A Stage for Innovators

The Booba Cosmica stage was a 24/7 stage that featured profound speakers during the day, and DJ dance parties until sunrise.

Imaginex prepared the stage for every artist and speaker that touched down on it, starting weeks before the event by confirming PowerPoint and Keynote presentations as well as individual artist video requests. On site, our rockstar team handled the full-time needs of the guests that participated on this Booba Cosmica stage and came well prepared for last minute requests and site changes.


  • Stage Production Manager: Joel Dubin
  • Creative Director:  Ryan Uzilevsky
  • Technology Director: Keisuke Shingu
  • Visual Director: Eric Mintzer
  • Stage + Lighting Design: SRae Productions / Sooner Routhier + Robert Long
  • Visual Production: Imaginex
  • Video Cos: I-MAG Video
  • I-MAG Video Techs: Trevor Rigsby
  • I-MAG Account Rep: Paul Reoch
  • WOW Talks Curator & Host: Gal Stiglitz
  • WOW Production Manager & Host: Raqueli Contreras
  • Production Coordinator: Shawn Lind-Woolf
  • Photography: Further Future, Las Vegas Weekly