Intel CES – 2018 Keynote Pre-show

What happens when Intel wants to create a visual spectacle to kick off CES 2018? They bring in an award-winning team that can deliver the most stunning performance possible. Interactive visual director [namethemachine] used data from proprietary motion sensors to track dancer Sophie Santella’s every move, creating visual splashes of light, content, and automation.

The performance featured state-of-the-art technologies such as motion tracking, drones, real-time animation, and floating LEDs. Our team developed a custom control solution for the flying LED tubes to move and change colors based on Sophie’s choreography.

Produced by Clarity Creative for Intel

ft. a rockstar team of creative developers led by [namethemachine]:
Peter Sistrom – Technical Director, sensor automation, system integration

Vincent Houze – Fluid/flex solver system and renderer
Mary Franck – Procedural tools designer
Lucas Morgan – ArtNet LED Orb control in dance portion
Eric Mintzer – ArtNet LED Orb control in dance portion
Dom Davis – Data Graphics and Interactive Assets
Evan Pierre – Data graphics, assets, and general tech awesomeness
Max Chang – Data graphics, assets, and lead hardware tech


240 LED Winch Nodes
16-bit DMX
Artnet Universes
Custom Control interface