MaiTai Music : Modular Video Strips

For MaiTai Music, we presented a prototype for our newest LED calibration software and video strips. For the past few decades, LED screens have always been flat, rectangular objects. Our dream is to put light in the space around you, to immerse the user in a fantasy environment with 3Dimensional light fixtures. This journey begins with modular pixels and the software that can calibrate them.

BIG Thank you to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far.

☼ Event presented by MaiTai Global (
◘ Videography provided by REAV (
♫ “Energy Flow” by Phutureprimitive (

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These LED video strips, coupled with our proprietary software, are being produced to create new types of stages with unmatched setup efficiency for the touring industry. Please ask us about joining our very limited beta network.