Derek Vincent Smith (aka Pretty Lights) sought our programming services to deliver an exceptional and kinetic experience at their annual Red Rocks Amphitheater show. With the vision to immerse Derek in a visual story of his music, Pretty Lights and team brought out the most amount of LED panels ever seen in Red Rocks history, covering the floor, the wall behind him, and 11 towers of various heights. Our custom system provided full control over this entire video array, which generated perspective-correct content, even while the stage was transforming and changing shapes. Our software allowed the artist to realize his production vision and proved this show to be one of the first real-time 3d panel mapping performances in concert history.


We implemented a 3D pre-visualization of the stage, which allowed us to program custom effects on all three areas of the custom video array: the LED floor, the video towers, and the back wall. This pre-viz allows for pre-show production to happen in the studio, instead of waiting until the week of the event. The preview also assisted the video team in previewing content and looks for the show.


Our software now supports multiple pixel-maps and real-time panel mapping, which allows designers to produce stages that can transform and evolve. As premiered at this Red Rocks event, Pretty Lights’ stage had 24 different configurations, by raising and lowering the LED towers with controllable winches. Our media server allowed the towers to be continuously pixel mapped while they moved.


RadioEditAV created custom content to fit the stage design as well as animate Pretty Lights’ music. Our software solution adapts to the workflow of digital artist and content designers, by accepting pixel-map content in addition to remapping 1080HD clips for this complex stage configuration on the fly.


Video Panels were controlled as light fixtures through a professional lighting console. This allowed strobe patterns for the video panels to be sequenced much like how light fixtures are programmed.


We reproduced Pretty Lights’ signature tracer look, with a generative algorithm that animates across any stage. Originally re-animated for every festival, we worked closely with REAV team to reproduce their original tracer styles with code, freeing up tedious animation hours and allowing for more unique and evolved looks.

A Collaborative Design Directed by Derek Vincent Smith

Music:Pretty Lights
Content Creation: Derek Vincent Smith and RadioEditAV
Video Designer:David Najarian
Video Assistant/Programmer:Eric Mintzer
Lighting Designer/Operator:Greg Ellis (LD)
Lighting Assistant/Programmer:Gabe Fraboni
Production Manager:Phil Salvaggio
Stage Manager:Neal Nance
Lead LED and Stream Technician:Nathan “Smokey” Williams
Audio, Lighting and Video:DSI Event Group
Lasers:Lightwave International
Rigging/Automation:Reed Rigging
Photography:Dylan Langille, ontheDL photography, Reverb