Roundhouse Agency approached us to create a fully immersed visual experience for the NMD Gallery Event, which is a premier lifestyle-party for the Adidas NMD brand. The event features dozens of local photographers, whose best shots, were printed on a gallery wall with frames of projection animation around it. We provided full 360-degree projection mapping of both events in LA and NYC. Working under an intense turnaround time, our team partnered with BRDG Studios to execute an A-Z projection-wrapping solution including: site-surveys, CAD modeling, projectors, media servers, A/V, content, pixel uv maps, content support, technical management, and on-site logistics and operation. The collaboration from client to partners ensured a well executed event that left attendees in awe.


In order to projection map 360-degree visuals, 24 projectors were required between LA and NYC. The Imaginex Media Server provided the outputs, processing, and mapping for real-time graphics around the buildings’ architectural highlight and the gallery.

Imaginex also provided content management. We built content-maps for Roundhouse Agency which allowed their team to design visuals without learning any new tools. We also provided generative content based on GLSL shaders to quickly and accurately fit visuals around each venue.


Total # of Projectors

Total lumens


Client: Adidas Originals
Agency: Roundhouse Agency
Media Servers & Mapping: Imaginex
A/V Logistics & Install: BRDG Studios
Audio and Lighting: The Audiofirm


  • Sr. Manager Events: Jason Greenblatt (Adidas Originals)
  • Senior Account Manager: Anita Wakamoto
  • Executive Producer: Dominic Keska
  • Senior Producers:  Greg Scott, Matthew Tarosky, Matthew Lawrence, Josh Bennett, Rita Badalamenti, Amy Hanley
  • A/V Direction: Eric Mintzer, Peter Parker (media servers and logistics)
  • Lighting and Sound: Jake Long, Michael Popp, James Garcia
  • Content Creators: Jake Hollomon,  Mark Young, Chris Ruppelt
  • Generative Content: Lucas Morgan
  • Media Server Techs: Lucas Morgan, Zach Fogg
  • On-site Manager: Tia Vanich, Greg Scott (Workbench Creative)
  • Project Coordinator: Joe Packer
  • Venue Manager: Stacy Paczan (Industria NYC), Matthew Green (MT Space LA)
  • Video Assistants: Oliver Allaux, Caleb Olson
  • Lead Editor: Zach Jones
  • Lead Photographer: Koury Angelo, Drew Gurian
  • 2nd Camera: Lance Skundrich, Rob Northway
  • Videography:  Chris Monberg, Jordan Lynn, Peter Lockhart
  • Digitech/AC: Christina Angelo