Student Entertainment Events (SEE) approached Imaginex once again, this time with the task of transforming Ritchie Coliseum in to an underwater and space themed party featuring rising artists Gryffin and Jai Wolf. With just a two-week turnaround the team created a one of a kind stage featuring a crashed spaceship, underwater creatures, and many more custom animations. Two projectors located across the room provided 40,000 lumens of extremely bright and redundant content; and the cross-shoot of the projectors minimized shadows. Our previz and calibration software allowed for a quick and coordinated show production timeline.


  • Production Direction
  • Animation
  • Fabrication
  • Media Server Design



Programming & Animation

In addition to his usual programming work on the Imaginex Server, Lucas was tasked with animating high quality assets and real time animations. Working under an intense turn-around time, Lucas used Maya , Substance Designer, and TouchDesigner to create the opening sequence for Jai Wolf – a space ship crashing midair in to the stage .  Using TouchDesigner’s new Physical Based Rendering (PBR) techniques and Substance Designer, Lucas was able to create the textures and materials for the ship as well as various environmental assets and render fully textured animations in real time.



Preparing for Fallapalooza, James was tasked with creating as many themed animations as possible in the two weeks leading up to the event. The result: nine different looping animations, each fitted to the stage, and all while still attending classes at the University of Maryland. The animations combined cartoon shaders made in Maya, Afterfx particle simulations, and various 2.5D matte painting techniques. To accomplish all this in time, James kept render times low and reused assets whenever possible.



Alan directed the team in the actual construction of the projection mapped spaceship. Working with Eric and SEE to realize their design and ensure its feasibility, the final stage piece stood over three times his height. Using staging hardware and precisely cut wood and board, Alan ensured that the ship was able to be transported, assembled, and disassembled safely and efficiently the day of show.


Technical Director

Working with Student Entertainment Events, Jai Wolf, and Gryffin’s camps, Eric lead Imaginex efforts in design, planning, and implementation. We presented new options to help transform Ritchie Collesium in to an alien beach party while maintaining budgets of standard productions. The team was able to design, fabricate, program, animate, and rock this unique show in a fast turnaround.

Presented by:Student Entertainment Events,
Production Director:Laura McGrath
Music Arts Director:Eric Higgins
Technical Director:Eric Mintzer [Imaginex]
Production Designer:Naitik Thanki
Fabrication Director:Alan Curtiss [Imaginex]
Animators:Lucas Morgan [Imaginex], James Johnson [Imaginex]
Lighting Designer:Ethan Knister
Artist LD:Ronnie Govoruhk
Sound/Staging:Evan Kirkendall