David Najarian, production designer and owner of RadioEditAV, teamed up with Imaginex to develop a new visual system for tour with Pretty Lights. This system was designed to allow the most expressive and beautiful shows while showcasing PL’s unique looks and ever growing show experience. To realize this artistic vision, numerous technical challenges were solved in show design and programming, which resulted in a system that is responsive, so PL’s signature looks and animations can adopt to numerous stage layouts and festival systems; communicative so the visual production can become closely harmonic to the lasers and lights operated by artists Greg “Lazershark” Ellis and Gabriel Fraboni; and modular so the production can evolve with Derek’s artistic vision. TouchDesigner became the most integral tool in our set for programming and collaboration.

Source: MassEDMC // Last Night Was Epic, John Felix Shaw

Photography:MassEDMC // Last Night Was Epic, John Felix Shaw